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GDSA - Concussion Information

Concussion Information

The GDSA is classified as a ‘Youth Sports Organization’ as such Ohio Law (ORC 3707.51) requires youth sports organizations to provide parents/guardians a concussion fact sheet. The GDSA will use the free fact sheet from the ODH (see link to right). We have also provided links to the CDC fact and information sheets on concussions. The GDSA Representatives for the individual pools must create and maintain a form to be kept with the individual team documents showing parents have received/reviewed the ODH fact sheet. A copy of the ODH Concussion fact sheet must be kept on file in Pool Manager's office as reference in the event of a potential brain injury.

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), under the Return to Play Law, requires coaches and referees of youth sports organizations to successfully complete a training program every three years concerning concussions and head injuries and recognizing symptoms. GDSA requires official's, coaches and GDSA representatives to complete the free on-line training via the CDC or equivalent program. Parents are also welcome to view the training available in the link below.

Parent Training

Coaches Training

Officials Training

GDSA - Lindsay's Law Information

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